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Company profile

Fujian Tea Import & Export Co., Ltd. was established in 1950 and as a professional tea company, fully owned by China Tea Co., Ltd (a subsidiary of COFCO). Our company produces hundreds of different tea products, including jasmine tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, green tea, dark tea, etc. Our company prides itself on producing the largest variety of tea and owning complete facilities in Chinese tea industry. We have our own tea gardens and cultivate our own tea plants. Our own factories are responsible for our own processing, refining, production, research, and consumer services. All of these are to ensure the safety, cleanliness and high-quality of tea production. 

International market
Fujian Tea Import & Export Co., Ltd. has operated export business since it was established. Fujian province ranks top in tea production and it produces the largest variety of tea in China. In addition, Fujian produces various kinds specialty tea (high-grade loose leaf tea) such as Ta Hung Pao, Ti Kuan Yin, Jasmine tea, Lapsang Souchong, Slivery Needle, etc. Due to the abundance of natural resource in Fujian , our company has great advantages in exporting its specialty teas. Currently, our exportation of Jasmine tea, White tea and Oolong tea ranks first in China. Our machines can meet all packing demands, including bulk, bagged and tinned small packages, teabags, etc. 

In the international market, we have three famous brands : Butterfly, Sprouting and Sunflower. As a result of its growing global popularity, our branded tea has found itself at the top of China’s export list. Our products have been sold in more than sixty countries and regions including United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia , Japan, Southeast Asia, South America , Hong Kong , Macao, etc. The series of Jasmine tea ‘Little Yellow Tin’ (Art. No.1030,1031,1032, 1033) is an all-time favorite. Since being exported in the 1950s, it has won numerous awards due to its aroma and delicate flavor. The ‘Little Yellow Tin’ has consecutively won the Golden Laurel from the French Tourism Association in 1985 and 1986. Moreover, in 1987, it won the East China Design Award with packing design of jasmine tea product. The taste of our jasmine tea reminds us of the unforgettable scent that perfumed the air, in the street and lanes, throughout our childhood. Over the years, The ‘Little Yellow Tin’ has become known worldwide for its excellent quality and affordable price.

We have a strict traceability system for quality control as well as a professional technique team to ensure that we can continuously provide high quality tea to our clients. Due to the fact that various countries have their different import standards for tea, for example, the European Union and Japan have strict requirements in pesticide residues and the United States requires FDA registration and prior notice system before allowing the import of tea, we continuously update our technique and services to ensure that we can fulfill their strict regulation requirements.

Fuxing Processing Factory is wholly-owned by Fujian Tea Import & Export Co., Ltd. All of the company’s products are finally finished processing by Fuxing Processing Factory. The factory occupies the areas of 3.33 hectares. Fuxing Processing Factory owns the strongest production processing ability and complete facilities in this industrial line. It has heat-sealed teabags machines, non-heat-sealed teabags machines, advanced IMA-C24 teabags machine from Italy, Pyramid-shaped teabags machines from Japan, compressed tea cakes machines and other different varieties of packing machines. Moreover, we own four automatic loose tea producing lines, including oolong tea, jasmine tea, black tea, and white tea automatic producing lines with annual production capacity of 15,000 tons, which can meet the demands of different varieties of loose tea materials based on the standards of international clients. Testing tea materials and products are able to ensure the safety of tea quality. Our factory has our own labs with the functions of physical, chemical, microbiological, pesticide residues and synthesis testing. In addition, we have excellent inspectors, inspection methods and testing technology.

Tea gardens and raw material bases
At present, we have set up organic tea gardens and standardized tea gardens based on the Green Food Products’ Standards (water, air, soil), which is of total 2533.33 hectares. All of these are to ensure the safety, cleanliness and high-quality of tea materials from the beginning.
We have two subsidiaries including China Tea Fujian Jian’ou Co., Ltd.  and  Fujian Songxi Rui Ming tea industrial Co., Ltd.   Both of them are responsible to manage the safety, cleanliness of tea gardens and raw material processing. 

Quality system
We are the first in the tea industry to establish traceability system from tea gardens to tea products. In 1998, the company has firstly got ISO9001 international quality management system certification, then we have achieved HACCP, ISO14001, ISO-22000 Certification, FSSC22000 Certification, SC, ECOCERT (European union), JAS (Japan), NOP(United States) and domestic organic food certification. Meanwhile, we are one of the promoters and standard-makers of China’s tea industry. We have been holding a meeting with tea farmers each year related to the safety and cleanliness of tea gardens since 2002, which instructs the farmers to manage the tea gardens. Our company also has consecutively kept composing and printing “Tea Pests Prevention Manuals” and distributed  to tea farmers free. This work has been kept for long years that has benefited the company and farmers greatly.

•福建省著名商標          Fujian Famous Trademark 
•福建省國際知名品牌      Fujian International Well-known Brand 
•重點培育和發展的福建出口品牌  Fujian Major Export Brand 
•福建省農業產業化省級重點龍頭企業  Fujian Provincial Leading Enterprise on Agricultural Industrialization 
•中國茉莉花茶十大品牌企業  Top-10-brand Company on China Jasmine Tea 
•中國茶葉行業百強           Top 100 Tea Enterprises 
Enterprise with Credit Assessment “ AAA” by China Tea Marketing Association and COFNA ( China Chamber of Commerce For Import and Export of Foodstuffs , Native Produce And Animal By – Products ) 
•第五屆亞洲有機農業科學大會榮譽證書  Certificate of Honor in 5th Asian Organic Agriculture Science Conference 
•法國國際旅遊食品“金桂葉獎”  French International Award of  “ Gold Laurel Prize ”
•國際茶葉大會推薦中國茶葉知名企業  Recommended Guaranteed Tea Brand by International Tea Conference
•出入境檢驗檢疫信用管理AA級企業  The Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Credit Assessment AA Enterprise
•米蘭世博會 ”百年世博中國名茶金駱駝獎” (蝴蝶牌“夢蝴蝶”茉莉花茶) Golden Camel Award for China's famous tea Butterfly Brand Jasmine Tea "Dream Butterfly" in 2015 Expo Milan
•國際茶葉大會金絲路功勳獎 (蝴蝶牌茉莉花茶) Golden Silk Road Merit Award for Butterfly Brand Jasmine Tea in 2015 International Tea Conference ]



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